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Xeda International
Xeda International


Xeda International was created on March 25, 1976. Its head office, located in the South of France exists since 1995, as its manufacturing plant. The company proposes the most complete and innovating assortment of pre- and post-harvest products. Our products and technologies are patented over the world. The Xeda group is committed to sustainable agriculture. Our products are organics or naturals, using properties in essential oils.

Competences & Capabilities

Xeda International is specialised into post-harvest protection of fruits and vegetables. We have a world-leading position, combined with our different partners. Together with Pace International (American partner), we cover about thirty per cent of the chemical post-harvest market.

Xeda International

397 Route national 7, 13670 Saint Andiol, France


Alberto Sardo, CEO

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Xeda International


This project is developing a nutritional supplement to support the immune system in the fight against infection by SARS-CoV-2.