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Wagralim is the competitive Food cluster in Wallonia, Belgium. Our cluster relies mainly on cooperation by and between industrialists, universities, and research and training centres. Our mission is to accelerate value creation in food companies i through innovation, partnership and internationalisation. We set up collaborative innovation projects in 3main areas: interconnected & sustainable food chains, efficient and transparent industry, nutrition and consumer.

Competences & Capabilities

  • Innovation and industrial development processes
  • Consumer approach, co-design
  • Creativity
  • Nutrition: functional ingredients, prebiotics, gut microbiota
  • Sustainability of the agri-food chain
  • Food technology
  • Food safety
  • Rapid, no, destructive analytical methods

Rue Auguste Piccard 20, 6041 Charleroi, Belgium


Fran├žois Heroufosse, General Manager