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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is one of the leading research, development and innovation organizations in Europe. We help our customers and society to grow and renew through applied research. The business sector and the entire society get the best benefit from VTT when we solve challenges that require world-class know-how and translate that into business opportunities. Our vision is that a brighter future is created through science-based innovations. We pave the way for the future by developing new smart technologies, profitable solutions and innovation services. For the food and beverage sector we combine our multidisciplinary technology base for competitive solutions. Our pilots and even ready-to-launch products present new opportunities for food industry. We help the society and companies to grow through technological innovations. VTT - beyond the obvious.

Competences & Capabilities

VTT’s services increase the competitiveness of our customers’ businesses, promote the creation of ranging from solutions for natural resources and environment to smart industry and energy systems and knowledge-intensive products and services. All these skills are also used to improve the competitiveness of the food sector, where we are specialised in bioprocesses, biological tools and biomaterial science. VTT is also developing solutions for companies to move forward with digital transformation and towards personalized services. We offer cross-disciplinary technological and business expertise, unique research infrastructure and comprehensive partnership networks.


P.O. Box 1000, FI-02044, VTT, Finland


Anneli Ritala

Partner in the following EIT Food projects


SME Workshop: Supporting SMEs for new business opportunities-2019

The first step is a creative problem-solving process to identify the challenges and needs of SMEs related to sustainable food production in Europe


Low-Energy Electron Beam (LEEB) to inactivate viruses and microorganisms on heat sensitive raw materials without affecting quality

However, the safety of these food ingredients can be an issue as they are vector carriers for pathogenic bacteria and viruses


Health SnaP

The idea is based on integration of ingredient and instant food manufacturing technologies combined with smart user-interface to support individual choices

Public Engagement

Games of Food

Escape games provide an opportunity to share educational messages in an enjoyable way



We will achieve this by:  Convening a network of ‘maker spaces’, providing collaborative spaces to make, learn, explore and share, for MAKEathons and further prototyping resources; Designing and delivering a series of MAKEathons across Europe where different stakeholders come together to find solutions to identified industry challenges in specific value chains; Training professionals to be able to develop entrepreneurial capabilities across the food value chain in Europe