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The Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) - Volcani Center
The Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) - Volcani Center


The Volcani Center (ARO) is the largest institute for agricultural research in Israel and its scientific findings and leadership has driven the vast majority of agricultural advances in the country. ARO is a governmental research Institute dedicated to the highest quality of innovative basic and applied research in agricultural, food and environmental science. ARO constitutes of six institutes: Food Sciences and Postharvest, Plant Sciences, Plant Protection, Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Engineering and Animal Science.

Competences & Capabilities

Fields of expertise:

  • Food safety
  • Food security
  • Climate change/adaptation
  • Environmental and agricultural sustainability
  • Waste management (circular economy)
  • Labor cost saving

Main technological expertise integrate molecular, genetic, cellular, chemical, microbiological, bio-, nano-, agro- and high-tech approaches in:

  • Plant and animal breeding,
  • Plant and animal physiology
  • Plant phytopathology
  • Friendly pest management and biological control
  • Precision agriculture and robotics
  • Efficient water usage
  • Soil preservation
The Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) - Volcani Center

68 Derech Hamacabim Rishon LeZion, 7505101 Israel


Etty Bar-Natan Shahar