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Tellspec  is  a  big  data  company  that  offers  real-time,  affordable,  reliable,  non-destructive,  portable  food  analysis.   We   provide   predictive   intelligence   about   food,  by  combining  spectral  sensors,  bio-informatics  techniques   and   machine   learning   algorithms,   in   a  revolutionary  technology  that  analyses  food,  in  real-time  and  at  the  molecular  level.  We  test  food  for  quality,  freshness,  authenticity  and  adulteration.  More  recently  we  started  to  integrate  blockchain  technology to track food history and origin.

Competences & Capabilities

Main    areas    of    specialisation    and    technological    expertise are:

  • Food analysis for quality, safety and authenticity
  • Spectroscopy, chemometric and machine learning data analysis
  • Blockchain technology for food traceability
  • Android and iOS mobile application development
  • Cloud computing: frontend and backend platforms

83 Cambridge St, Pimlico, SW1V 4PS London, United Kingdom


Isabel Hoffmann
+1 480 703 7359

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