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Strauss Group
Strauss Group


Strauss Group is an international Food & Beverage company that strives to improve people’s lives, headquartered in Israel. Our portfolio includes five businesses: Strauss Coffee B.V., Strauss Israel, Strauss Water, PepsiCo – Strauss Fresh Dips & Spreads International and Max Brenner, aligned with two global consumer trends: Health & Wellness and Fun & Indulgence.
The Group has 14,000 employees worldwide, is active in more than 20 countries. The Group’s turnover is estimated at 2 billion USD in 2017.

Competences & Capabilities

Strauss Group is active in the following categories:

  • Coffee
  • Dairy
  • Confectionary & Salty Snacks
  • Home water appliance
  • Vegetarian fresh dips & spreads
  • Fresh cut vegetables
  • Honey, olive oil, jam

In each of these categories, Strauss Group has product development, process development, manufacturing facilities, marketing, distribution and other various capabilities. Strauss Group pioneered the creation of the Israeli FoodTech ecosystem with innovators and startups through Alpha Strauss platform and “The Kitchen” FoodTech incubator.

Strauss Group

49 Hasivim St., POB 194, Petah Tikva 4959504, Israel


Daniel Mr. Feiner

Partner in the following EIT Food projects

Strauss Group

Sustainable Food Systems - Entrepreneurial Summer School 2019

Participants will take on a production, consumption, and socio-economic angle to tackle issues such as environmental footprint, biodiversity, and food waste

Strauss Group

SureChoc: Sugar reduced chocolate and chocolate chip cookies to meet consumer sensory, naturalness and cost expectation

Sugar reduction in foods remains challenging; it is not only the sweetness of sugar but also physiochemical properties and cost that have to be matched

Strauss Group

Digital Twin Management

An additional advantage is the possible reduction of unnecessary waste

Strauss Group

EIT Food Accelerator Network

Once you have applied for FAN, you will go through a rigorous selection process where you will be judged by a series of experts including successful entrepreneurs, investors and experts from the agriculture and food industries