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PlantLab    provides    turnkey    solutions    for    indoor        vertical  farming,  based  on  its  patented  technology  and in-depth plant science, enabling the production of sustainable, safe and nutritious crops and high value food ingredients. In our indoor vertical farms, located around  the  world,  we  produce  fresh  foods  such  as  lettuce, herbs and many more.

PlantLab is on a mission to change the way the world is  fed.  Our  ultimate  goal  is  to  ensure  that  plants  can  reach their full potential, to feed a growing population with  a  sustainable  source  of  safe,  tasty,  affordable  and nutritious food.

Competences & Capabilities

PlantLab develops and operates custom-buildPlant Production Units (PPUs) integrating:

  • Controlled  environment  technology  to  mimic  any  climate possible.
  • Plant    science    to    research    optimal    growing    conditions  for  plants,  influencing  plants  primary  and secondary metabolites.
  • New   value   chain   solutions   for   a   sustainable,   optimal supply chain.

In our state of the art R&D centre, we have numerous R&D   chambers,   scale   up   units   and   production   facilities.


Veemarktkade 8a, 5222 AE ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands


John Van Gemert
+31 622 522 463

Partner in the following EIT Food projects


Impact on sustainability, shelf life and nutritional value by vertically farmed leafy greens via a new local supply chain

Access to fresh produce is and will continue to be an issue in the densely populated European cities. Due to the long and complex supply chain up to 40% of the products ends as waste and the nutrient value of the remaining ones is often degenerated at time of consumption.


Digital monitoring of fruit & vegetable freshness (DigiFresh)

Keeping fruit and vegetables fresher for longer

Public Engagement

Cultivating Engagement: a citizen participation forum on vertical farming

This project puts citizens at the centre of shaping high-tech innovations in food production to become healthier and more sustainable.


Innovative biostimulants for sustainable fruit production from vegetable crops (BIOSUVEG)

Enhancing vegetable crop yields for sustainable food production