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PeakBridge    has    brought    together    a    team    of    world  leading  experts  from  the  agrifood  industry,  investment  management  and  venture  capital  world,  combining  decades  of  experience  and  achievement.  The only venture capital fund to be an official partner of  the  world’s  largest  agrifood  innovation  initiative,  EIT  Food,  PeakBridge  is  uniquely  positioned  to  be  a  leading investor in global FoodTech.

Competences & Capabilities

  • Food & agricultural technologies
  • Seed and Series A+ investment
  • Company growth
  • Exporting technologies to the US

Grand Central, Archbishop Street 157, Valletta, Malta


Martina Pace

Partner in the following EIT Food projects


Seedbed Incubator

A 6-month programme that aims to transform innovative ideas and research breakthroughs into market-validated business propositions.