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Natural Machines is creating a new generation IoT kitchen appliance, a 3D food printer. We call it Foodini. It’s the world’s first 3D food printer making savory and sweet foods, using fresh, real ingredients. Fundamentally, Foodini contributes to a healthy eating lifestyle by helping people prepare freshly made meals and snacks.

If you eat anything from a food manufacturer, then you practically are already eating 3D printed food: a food manufacturer takes food, pushes it through machines, shapes it, forms it. We’ve taken that same concept and shrunk the large food manufacturing facility down to a stylish appliance for your kitchen counter. But the big difference is we allow you to use your own fresh ingredients to print.

Established 2012. 30+ awards. VC backed.

Competences & Capabilities

  • 3D food printing
  • IoT (Internet of Things) appliance & data
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) & artificial vision
  • NFC (Near Field Communications)
  • New energy efficient patented cookingsystem
  • Food customization

With IoT and sensors in Foodini we can collect, record and process data to provide services such as tracking nutritional information and printing foods with customized nutrients per individual. Via APIs third parties can create applications on our platform and integrate with other services, e.g. health apps and wearables.

Foodini is in production and shipping. Our initial focus is professional kitchen users: Michelin starred chefs, restaurants, food service providers, food brands, hospitals, senior living providers and educational institutions. With the introduction of our cooking version we will target home kitchen consumers.


Carrer Lepant 190, 1-2 Barcelona 08013


Emilio Sepulveda
+34 936 051 278

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