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Molino Naldoni
Molino Naldoni


Since 1705, Molino Naldoni is a company boasting a very long history. We produce every kind of flour: type 0, 00, 1, 2, wholemeal, as well as special flours for pizza, fresh pasta, piadina and pastry. Our flours are distributed throughout Italy, Europe and even some Extra-EU countries. We focus on quality and food safety. Strict wheat controls and careful analysis by the internal laboratory lead to the production of pure flours, without additives or improvers.

Competences & Capabilities

  • Accurate selection of wheat and plantation areas
  • Strict controls of wheat and careful analysis of flours
  • Innovative milling plant area, grinding 280 tons of soft wheat per day
  • National and local production of flours, coming from wheat mainly grown zero to 100 km from the production site
  • Obtained certifications for quality, food safety and production chain traceability
  • Development of an efficient logistic including warehouses across the country and company’s own vehicles
Molino Naldoni

Via Pana 156, 48018 Faenza, Italy


Vania Chiozzini, Export Sales and Marketing Assistant

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Molino Naldoni


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