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MEVGAL S.A. is a private company located in Northern Greece and ranks fourth among dairy industries in Greece. The firm produces and markets a full range of products such as milk, yogurts, and various types of soft, semi-hard and hard cheese. Its personnel consist of more than 600 highly qualified, technical and administrative staff. 

MEVGAL S.A. is actively involved in a number of research and technological development projects.

Competences & Capabilities

Areas of specialisation and expertise are:

  • New product design and development. Validation site for dairy products.
  • Comparison of new instrument’s results with laboratory analysis with standard methods.
  • Market potential and exploitation potential analysis.
  • Physicochemical, microbiological analysis and sensory evaluation of new dairy product.
  • Test site for new processes and innovations, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0.

57100 Koufalia Koufalia, Thessaloniki, 57100 Greece


Konstantinos Georgakidis