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Hub Innovazione Trentino
Hub Innovazione Trentino


HIT is an Italian local innovation ecosystem catalyst - a network of sustainable linkages between different territorial actors, emerging from a shared vision of desired transformations and contributing to the formation of an innovation-supportive environment. Our shareholders include the major Trentino representatives from academy and research (University of Trento, Bruno Kessler Foundation and Edmund Mach Foundation) and a regional development agency (Trentino Sviluppo).

Competences & Capabilities

  • Accelerating innovative start-ups for growth or investment
  • Supporting SMEs with services for innovation (product/service improvement, businesses innovation leveraging knowledge and competences from research, students, end-users, companies)
  • Connecting scientific excellence with industry/investors for new technology ventures and advanced technology transfer
  • Supporting the growth of the local innovation ecosystem by participating in EU/national/local innovation initiatives
Hub Innovazione Trentino

Piazza Manci 17 Trento, 38123 Italy


Ilina Petkanovska, Strategic Projects Officer

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Hub Innovazione Trentino
Public Engagement

Proof of Concept Societal Impact

Proofs of concepts help to determine whether an idea, a specific concept or approach when turned into reality would bring societal impact as envisioned.