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GrainSense has developed the world’s first hand-held device  for  grain  quality  measurement.  For  the  first  time,  farmers,  seed  producers  and  plant  breeders  are  able  to  instantly  and  rapidly  measure  the  key  parameters   of   their   crops   in   the   field   and   make   decisions  that  can  improve  profitability.  Our  device  measures  protein,  moisture,  oil,  and  carbohydrate  content of cereal grains and other crops. The service utilises  GPS  positioning  and  offers  cloud-based  big  data services.

Competences & Capabilities

Main    areas    of    specialisation    and    technological    expertise are:

  • Optics, near infrared spectroscopy
  • Material calibration and quality measurements
  • Mathematical algorithms
  • Cloud-based data service offering

We are bringing an easy-to-use handheld device and solutions  for  farmers  to  improve  crop  quality  and  revenue.


Henry Fordin katu 5 K, 00150 Helsinki, Finland


Michael Szücs, Chief Sales Officer
+358 40 6487011

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Improving European farmers' competitiveness through technology transfer and innovation integration is essential to address future challenges in the sector