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Glucanova is a research-based company situated in Lund, Sweden, driven by innovation and curiosity. The company was founded in 2012 with focus on IP protected fiber rich liquid oat ingredients/technologies. Our vision is to address global health and sustainability concerns with documented healthy liquid oat fiber products.

We work closely in cooperation with Lund University and a large external network of world class expertise which means that our innovations and deliverables are the result of well documented scientific findings.


Studies on nutritional benefits. Clinical- and in-vitro studies. Development of functional drinks and spoonable concepts based on fully substantiated nutritional benefits and health claims.

Competences & Capabilities

Glucanova capabilities are based on full upstream as well as down-stream integration in the value chain. This is achieved through in-house knowledge experts combined with an extensive diverse network of expertise and partners. Those capabilities contribute to a business focused innovation pipeline based on our liquid oat technology:

  • Oat science and technology
  • Enzyme technology
  • Oat breeding, production and selection via part ownership in CropTailor
  • Milling and dry processing
  • Innovation partner: Product and concept development.


Scheelevägen 22, Box 719, 22007 Lund, Sweden


Jörgen Holm
+46 46 163946

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