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The Flatev Artisanal Bakery and Flatev Dough is Your Personal Baking System (PBS)! The closed baking system expertly prepares single servings of fresh tortillas, rotis, flatbreads, cookies and more with no fuss and no mess. A consumer simply pops a proprietary, recyclable, single serve dough container into the Flatev Artisanal Bakery, selects their desired setting, and soon enjoys a delicious, fresh treat in seconds.


Food Packaging; Shelf-life of dairy products without refrigeration need; Food sustainability; Healthy food and superfoods.

Competences & Capabilities

Main areas of specialization and technological expertise are:

  • New food and packaging products
  • Organic food
  • Smart appliance
  • Consumer centered design

Organic, all natural, with no artificial preservatives or additives, Flatev allows busy users to nourish themselves or nurture their loved ones in a thoughtful, yet efficient way. Ready in sixty seconds or less, Flatev provides time-constrained consumers the opportunity to efficiently enjoy high quality meals with their loved ones, rather than to spend precious hours cooking and cleaning, and provides a much welcome alternative to preservative laden, frozen foods, reconstituted in a microwave or toaster.


Zollstrasse 62, 8005 Z├╝rich, Switzerland


Carlos Ruiz
+41 78 846 94 16

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Novel approaches will be used to engage with next generation audiences: students from primary school to university

Public Engagement

The FutureKitchen Virtual Reality and EatingHealthy Video Infotainment Series

Incorporating smart kitchen devices developed by our very own 

Public Engagement

EATrends & food fashion week

Events will take place in Spain and Belgium during 2019, engaging members of the public in food trends and innovations, enabling them to have a leading role and become real influencers