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Royal DSM is a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials. With annual sales of ca. € 5 billions in Nutrition cluster, DSM is one of the world’s leading developers and producers of essential nutrients and food specialties for the food and beverage industry. Its portfolio of products which includes food enzymes, savory flavours, dairy cultures and biopreservatives (DSM Food Specialties) and Vitamins, Carotenoids and Nutritional Lipids (DSM Nutritional Products) enables healthier diets and solutions to fight malnutrition with an improved eco-footprint.

Competences & Capabilities

DSM has a broad competence base of more than 2000 people active in R&D with a global collaboration network of more than 100 academic groups. DSM has state-of-the-art food pilot facilities and established consumer panels to test novel ingredients for personalized food concepts. High-throughput facilities as well as advanced analytical and integrated statistical tools are available to create detailed molecular insights into the function of novel bio-ingredients in complex food matrices to help us develop desired functions such as improved texture, taste and nutritional value.


Alexander Fleminglaan 1, 2613 AX Delft, Netherlands


Oscar Lauf

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Our Nutritious Protein

To date, minimally processed plant -proteins are hampered as alternatives to animal -proteins due to the presence of usually called “antinutritional factors” (ANFs), decreasing their nutritional value


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