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DouxMatok is a food-tech company and a leader in targeted delivery of flavor ingredients, such as sugar and salt, enabling healthier consumption of foods without compromising taste. DouxMatok offers sugar and salt reduction solutions to the Food and Beverages industry, enabling use of 40%-50% less sugar and salt in multiple applications, while retaining identical taste and sensory profiles with no aftertastes.


We are involved in a number of JDAs with leading food manufactures. We are looking to partner with interested companies in the framework of Horizon 2020 and FTI projects.

Competences & capabilities

Main areas of specialization and technological expertise are:

  • Sugars, polyols and salt chemistry
  • Behavior of sugars in food matrix
  • Compositions and methods of coating/loading sugars, polyols and salt on carriers
  • Ingredient manufacturing engineering
  • Substituting sugar functionalities in food (fillers)

14 Odem St., Petach-Tikva Israel, 49517


Yoram Shkedi
+97 238 060 200

Partner in the following EIT Food projects


SureChoc: Sugar reduced chocolate and chocolate chip cookies to meet consumer sensory, naturalness and cost expectation

Sugar reduction in foods remains challenging; it is not only the sweetness of sugar but also physiochemical properties and cost that have to be matched