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Celabor is a private research center headquartered in Wallonia, Belgium. As a Certified Research Center specialized in the food sector, Celabor provides integrated services to companies in this field from the creation of new food concepts to the valorization of food waste. Our expertise covers mainly the development of healthy and sustainable food products and processes thanks to a strong know-how in food science developed over 25 years of testing and applied R&D.


Our core competencies are: 

  • Non-thermal technologies for the improvement of food shelf-life with enhanced nutritional and sensory properties
  • Innovative high-pressure processing services (production and R&D)
  • Food quality and safety
  • Food prototyping (nutritional claims, organic, plant-based)
  • Food packaging
  • Biomass Valorization Platform
  • Life Cycle Analysis

Our strengths are:

  • Strong applied R&D
  • Strong analytical expertise
  • Training for professionals

Avenue du Parc, 38 Chaineux, 4650 Belgium


Pauline Fauquet