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CEA is the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies’ Commission. With 16000 researchers, it is France’s leading institution for technology development and transfer to industry, focused on Energy, Materials, Life Sciences, Electronics and Digital Technologies. With over 4500 researchers and an annual budget of 600m€, CEA Tech is CEA’s Technological Research Division, spanning three institutes: LIST, LITEN and LETI and 6 regional technology transfer platforms across the country, as well as offices in Japan and the United States.

Competences & Capabilities

CEA Tech develops many of the key technologies behind the new industrial revolution, including Artificial Intelligence, micro and nanoelectronics, robotics, nanomaterials, cybersecurity, clean energy and supporting technologies for the circular economy. Many of our technologies are recognized as World-class by the international community.


25 rue Leblanc Paris, 75015 France


Valentina Ivanova
+33 603 114 519

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