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Bosch Packaging is one of the oldest packaging machine builders worldwide and has a long experience in the protecting of food during the packaging process as well as during the logistic chain. Therefore Bosch Packaging spends app 1.7 Mill Euro p.a. into R&D activities with a staff of 290 engineers.

Competences & Capabilities

An excellent infrastructure helps to remain a technology leader. An intensive co-operation with the entire Bosch Group allows us to step into long-term developments.

Digitalization of production (focused on packaging processes) and sustainability of production including development of machine technology for sustainable packages and packaging material are our main technology drivers.

Close cooperation with material suppliers, converters and brand owners enable innovation along the whole value chain.


Stuttgarter Str. 130, D 71301 Waiblingen, Germany


Dr. Johannes Rauschnabel

Partner in the following EIT Food projects


EcoPack: Finding solutions to enable consumers and retailers to pack on-the-go items in grocery stores ecologically

The solutions include Reducing the amount of plastic bags used by consumers in supermarkets to pack on-the-go items (e