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Algaennovation   has   developed   a   disruptive   new   technology   platform   perfecting   the   cultivation   of   Omega-3  rich  micro-algae.  Bringing  a  new  scientific  approach, our technology, as compared to the current state  of  the  art,  requires  less  than  1%  of  the  fresh  water, less than 1% of the land footprint and is carbon negative. We are constantly improving the growth and performance  of  each  strain  using  machine  learning  and data analytics techniques.

Competences & Capabilities

  • First   indoor   controlled   omega-3   &   production   from micro algae
  • Consistent    composition,    pathogen    free,    bio-secured
  • Less than 1% of freshwater and land
  • Negative CO2 footprint
  • Strong IP and know-how
  • 5 times omega-3 composition,10 times yield
  • 1/5 production cost
  • Enables  a  unique  offering  for  large  addressable  markets
  • Aquaculture – hatchery, polishing feed
  • Human supplements, colourants, protein
  • Experienced management & scientific team

Z.H.R Industrial Zone, Rosh Pina, Israel 120000


Reine Leefsma, VP Marketing & BD Manager
+97 254 940 6280

Partner in the following EIT Food projects



Aqueous Spirulina extract is already approved for use in food in the US and EU with no toxicity limitations or known allergens


Energy-to-Feed (E2F)

E2F will develop a sustainable source of protein & lipid from omega-3 rich microalgae cultivated using clean power sources (Geothermal/Hydro) & natural CO₂



This proposal addresses that need, and brings together a highly competent collection of partners, each with capabilities that will deliver a technology to market

Public Engagement

The FutureKitchen Virtual Reality and EatingHealthy Video Infotainment Series 2020

The FutureKitchen Series, launched on FoodUnfolded in 2019, sets out in 2020 to further encourage and inspire a food system connection, increased consumer trust, and greater interest in food careers