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Artificial    Intelligence    Talentum    is    an    innovative    technology-based  company  specialised  in  artificial  intelligence,  machine  learning  and  high  performance  computing.   Experts   in   algorithm   development   for   simulation and predicting functions, providing insights to   improve,   ease   and   accelerate   decision   making   processes.  With  proven  experience  in  raw  materials  prices, electricity market, biotechnology and industry trough  full-stack  solutions  to  make  the  most  of  the  data generated in your company.

Competences & Capabilities

The  key  competences  of  AI  Talentum  are  focused  on  the  development  of  simulation,  forecasting  and  decision models in real time, through expert systems, algorithm development and the processing of internal and external data. Main areas of expertise are:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Data     Intelligence     (integration,     management,     analytics and insights)
  • Web    services,    apps    and    graphic    interfaces    development
  • I oT

Universidad de Murcia, 30100 Espinardo (Murcia), Spain


Amparo Roca, Chief Operating Officer
+34 868 957 514

Partner in the following EIT Food projects

Public Engagement

Towards a smarter shopping list

The platform will also give users the ability to interact with the online-content, receive expert-based recommendations and access educational resources about food and nutrition in order it enhance their food literacy


VITAL: Validation of Innovative Tools to Assess and to improve microbioLogical safety in the food chain

 Rapid methods solve this problem, but they need to be proven to work as well as the standard microbiological methods that they replace