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Agrimetrics is the first of four Agri-Tech Centres at the centre of the Government’s Agricultural Innovation Strategy. We operate the sector’s first Marketplace for agrifood data. Through our Marketplace, data owners can share and monetise their data in a safe and equitable way, and data consumers can find and access the sets of data they need easily and affordably. 

Competences & Capabilities

Our Data Marketplace enables users to:

  • Find and access the data they need.
  • Monetise their data.
  • Manage and share their data using a private Data Marketplace.
  • Link their datasets more easily and enrich these with external data. 
  • Accelerate application development.

In addition, our team of data scientists and developers help organisations extract value from their data. This includes data modelling, consultancy and solution development.


Lawes Open Innovation Centre, Rothamsted Research, Harpenden AL5 2JQ, United Kingdom


Tiffin, J R (Richard)

Partner in the following EIT Food projects


Quality Information Services and Dietary Advice for Personalized Nutrition in Europe

To further develop and test a digital platform as a supporting basis for creating and delivering personalised nutrition (PN) services in Europe via a non-profit organisation with payable services/memberships to cover operational costs. Services are scientifically validated and designed for use by companies, healthcare services, researchers, and professionals wanting to provide consumers with improved personalised nutrition advice and services.


BLINK: BeefLink - Traceability within the beef value chain using rapid DNA fingerprinting

Numerous food scandals in the past decade have opened the eyes of consumers in Europe on the prevalence of fraud in the food industry.