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Agrifood Campus of International Excellence (ceiA3)
Agrifood Campus of International Excellence (ceiA3)


ceiA3 has a strong background in the application, design and execution of projects in the agrifood field. Its contribution to technology transfer to the production sector has been broadly demonstrated in different areas. It counts with communication expertise and dynamization activities to its associates as well as entrepreneurship in food tech. It can collaborate in working groups for the alignment of European, national and regional policies, strategy and action plans.

Competences & Capabilities

  • Searching for research groups in the agrifood sector
  • Communication Plans: RRSS, Dissemination, Open Data Science
  • Alignment with policies and institutions
  • Cross-fertilization with the sector
  • Entrepreneurship and spin-offs from universities
  • Project management
  • Unit of Scientific Culture
  • Link to Rural Development and territories
  • Bioeconomy Hub
  • Digitization and Digital Innovation Hub membership
Agrifood Campus of International Excellence (ceiA3)

Calle Alfonso XIII, 13 Cordoba, 14001 Spain


Nicolas Aranda