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RIS Inspire Call for Project Consortia

All EIT Food regions
Deadline: 19 July 2024
2 days left!

EIT Food is focused on delivering RIS Education activities and programmes that develop local talent and enhance local innovation output, while promoting closer interactions among the local innovation actors, supporting them to establish local synergies that will enhance EIT Food’s impact.

RIS Inspire Programmes will be dedicated to students from RIS countries, who will be benefited by receiving high-quality learning experience from academic members with innovative and interactive teaching methods, as well as practical training in collaboration with industry partners and established startups from the food sector.

RIS Inspire Programmes raise awareness of global food challenges while covering specific challenges relevant to RIS countries and promote entrepreneurship as a possible career path. RIS Inspire programmes also raise the entrepreneurial capacity of RIS participants and an intention to establish their own entrepreneurial projects across RIS countries.

The programme must provide the participants with a toolkit to become effective innovators in the food system and preparing the pipeline to high value jobs and start-ups, by enhancing the appeal of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education at earlier stages of education as well as in VET through embedding KTI and entrepreneurship in teaching and learning.

The local approach will be ensured with the connection with specific Smart Specialisation Strategies of RIS countries and regions.

Besides being dedicated to RIS participants and the connection with local and national Smart Specialisation Strategies, full workplans submitted for RIS Inspire Programmes will support the objective of attracting and facilitating the integration of potential new partners by engaging entities from the EIT RIS countries and regions to participate as successful and added value partners, establishing close partnerships and balanced consortia between stakeholders from EIT RIS countries and regions and those outside the EIT RIS area is highly encouraged.

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