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RFP for Communications agency: Venture Summit online event

This RFP covers the planning, communications and execution of our flagship event, the Venture Summit, which is going online in 2020.
Deadline: 31 July 2020

Venture Summit – background

The EIT Food Venture Summit is EIT Food’s annual Business Creation networking event, gathering the main stakeholders and actors from across the European agrifood innovation community for networking, inspiration, matchmaking and celebrating EIT Food Business Creation activities.

EIT Food has already hosted two previous editions of the Venture Summit – in Paris in 2018 and the 2019 edition in Lisbon. Last year’s event was attended by 300 participants.

So far, the event has been invitation-only, targeting investors, corporates and EIT Food partners who can meet our cohort of agrifood startups & scaleups, many of which have been finalists in Business Creation programmes.

EIT Food Venture Summit 2020

We now want to hold the Venture Summit online, whilst keeping its inspiring and interactive spirit, and use digital tools to matchmake startups and investors so that we can strengthen connections between the two before and afterwards.

We think that this format is a great way of reaching a wider audience, some of whom will not know EIT Food very well.

We’d like to pull in impressive speakers from each of EIT Food’s focus areas that we can use to draw in a wide audience and increase our reputation amongst the wider agritech community. We would be open to your suggestions as to who these people are. We’d also like to potentially use a professional event host, to introduce speakers for each session and look after transitions / wrap-ups etc. Ideally, this person would have great content expertise and be a great presenter.

Finally, we will have networking opportunities for the Venture Summit besides the matchmaking that we do.

Pre- and Post- Content strategy

There is potentially some great lead-up material we could create ahead of the Venture Summit to attract our audiences, potentially with our six focus areas as key hooks (given this is what our agenda is based on). We would like you to think creatively about this in your pitch, including how we build the Venture Summit into the wider Business Creation story and make it work the hardest it can for us in terms of outcomes.

We can use some of the video content and images that were captured in 2019 and 2018 to tell the story of the summit so far, alongside testimonials from past attendees.

This event is a great opportunity to produce evergreen video content from our team, the experts that we pull in, and the startups (a compilation video of best pitches etc), so we would like to have It designed with this in mind. We would also like to offer non-attendees the chance to catch up afterwards if they wish, so recording the sessions is a must.

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