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Request for proposals: workshop(s) on the job market opportunities for Ukrainian refugees

EIT Food is looking for an organisation and/or professional(s) that would carry out workshop(s) on the job market for Ukrainian refugees in Poland.
EIT Food North-East
Deadline: 06 June 2022

The present Request for Proposals is launched by EIT Food to select organizations or professional(s) able to recruit Ukrainian refugees and organize workshop(s) for them to navigate within the Polish and EU job markets.

The workshop(s) shall address 2 main objectives:

▪ Provide information regarding the job market in Poland – providing participants with necessary knowledge (legal, HR, cultural) and self-confidence to successfully look for a job in Poland, especially on the agrifood market;

▪ Empowering Ukrainian professionals to continue being active in the foreign labour market or work for Ukrainian companies from abroad by developing at least three skills defined in the EIT Food Competency Framework (see attachment).

The detailed scope of work as well as instructions on how to apply can be found in a Request for proposals available below.

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