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Request for Proposals to Organise EIT Food Startup Awareness Event

EIT Food North & East
Montenegro and Republic of North Macedonia
Deadline: 19 July 2024
2 days left!

EIT Food is looking for organisations to organise the EIT Food Startup Awareness Event for the local agrifood ecosystem in August-November 2024. The organisations invited to apply for this call should be based in one of the following countries:

  • Montenegro
  • Republic of North Macedonia

Application deadline: 19 July 2024, 23:59 CEST.

Application template: see Annex.

The present call is launched by EIT Food to select 2 organisations that would become organisers of the EIT Food Startup Awareness Event. Each organiser will organise one Event in their country.

The proposed format of the Event should consist of 2 parts:

  • EIT Food Challenge Labs

The EIT Food Challenge Labs is a multi-stage programme designed using principles from design thinking and service design. Its aim is double fold: to find innovative solutions to big, tangible problems faced by the food sector and to build capacity among the participants to develop entrepreneurial skills. EIT Food Challenge Labs aims to include students, technologists, scientists, professionals, consumers, and companies. This diverse mix helps analyse the food system comprehensively, exploring sustainability challenges through conversations with industry experts and consumers.

  • A networking event for the members of the local agrifood and innovation ecosystem

The main goal of the Networking event will be to introduce EIT Food programs and activities to the local agrifood and innovation ecosystem and scout for potential participants for EIT Food entrepreneurship programs. The event will also aim to bring together the members of the local agrifood ecosystem and initiate the discussion about the current state and challenges of the ecosystem in relation to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Both parts of the Event should be organised between August and end of November.

The modality of the Event will be strictly in person, with the possibility to streamline both parts of the Event to have greater reach. The details on formats and timeline are going to be decided based on proposals from applicant organisations.

Activities can be run in local language.

When applying for the call, interested organisations should submit an agenda proposal aligned with the Event format requirements and a short budget proposal listing the costs associated with the Event planning and organisation.

Event budget.

The total budget for the organisation of the Event will be of at least €17,000. The selected organisations will sign a subcontracting agreement with EIT Food’s Co-Location North-East with gross funding of up to 15,000€ (per both parts of the Event) to cover the eligible costs of the EIT Food Startup Awareness Event. On top of this funding, the selected organisation will provide with a minimum of €2,000 of co-funding in kind, in cash or as sponsorship.

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