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Request for proposals to organise “Women in Agrifood Stories”

EIT Food South
Southern European Countries
Deadline: 03 June 2024

In line with our commitment to innovation and inclusivity, EIT Food invites proposals from prospective partners for the upcoming Women in Agrifood Stories 2024 to propose the central theme of this year’s gathering. As we aim to foster diverse perspectives and address pressing issues in the agrifood sector, we encourage organizations to propose themes that resonate with the challenges and opportunities faced by women entrepreneurs in their region.

Themes may encompass a wide range of topics, including but not limited to technological advancements, sustainable practices, market trends, policy implications, and socio-cultural dynamics impacting women in agrifood. The proposed theme should align with the overarching objectives of empowering women in entrepreneurship and promoting gender equality within the agrifood sector.

The event format may include:
  • Panel discussions, keynote addresses, inspirational speeches, workshops, or any other engaging formats that facilitate meaningful dialogue, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities. We encourage innovative approaches that inspire and empower participants, showcasing successful role models and fostering cross-gender collaboration to create a more inclusive and supportive ecosystem for women in agrifood entrepreneurship.
  • Startup pitches – providing space for EWA programme participants and alumni to present their business ideas and share stories of their startups with a wider audience through offline and online interventions.

The event and its concept will have a clear target group – people promoting gender equality and advancing diversity and inclusion in the agrifood sector; female entrepreneurs already active in agrifood business or willing to start / continue their career in agrifood; people interested in the diversity and inclusion in the agrifood business and innovations.

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