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Request for proposals Digital Marketing: Strategic guidance and data dashboard report building (brand, social media, paid and content)

EIT Food is looking for an agency or a consultancy to set the Brand & Content team up to use data to help make decisions and visualise our digital communications strategy and attribution model in a simple dashboard that belongs to us.
Deadline: 15 October 2021

The dashboard created needs to be user-friendly and quick to load, making it easy to gain insights on our tactics. The reports need to be future-proof, easy to update and use by non-natives, and easy to shift from Universal Analytics to GA4P reporting. It needs to be built within EIT Food’s existing accounts so that no transfer of ownership is needed at the end of the project and so that we can evolve the report organically without the ongoing need of an agency to support.

Part of the exercise is to ensure the data sources (social, GA) are valid and clean and help prepare these for correct analysis if errors are detected. There is both a strategic side and a technical implementation side to this task which may include initial processing and stitching of data to create the master dataset. We know what our KPIs are, we know our target audience segments, we know what an ideal user-journey through our channels looks like (4 funnel stages), but we need help working out how to measure all of this adequately in a simple dashboard that provides the right answers and shows the impact we are having.

The selected agency or consultancy (supplier) would need to work through EIT Food’s chosen KPIs and channels and help organise these in a way that showcases a user’s journey through our channels and attributes value to the actions taken by these users according to our audience segments.

A key objective of this project is to align all stakeholders, to agree on what key metrics they should be reporting on as a whole, and to support in choosing the right KPIs, including guidance on best practice and possibilities (e.g. attribution modelling) & how to implement these in a clean data studio dashboard.

The supplier would need to build the dashboard wireframes, working closely with the different stakeholders to ensure the reports provide the answers and measurements they need.

The dashboard should support/replace or simplify a monthly impact report sent to the whole organisation so there are multiple needs in play:

· A high-level/Management version to show progress at-a-glance & the
impact of Digital Marketing to our Management Board and colleagues

· More in-depth reports to help the Brand & Content team make
strategic decisions based on data, and

· Mini dashboards to support regional and functional teams to measure
their own data that may be hosted outside the central platforms (or support to
bring it all together).

· An easy campaign template that can measure the effectiveness of
campaigns and can be re-used for every campaign

· Each report within the dashboard should allow different teams to track
their own goals within a decentralised marketing framework, while motivating
the whole company to reach chosen macro goals together.

Requests for additional information or clarification

Please note that we have extended the deadline for requesting clarification from EIT Food to Monday 4 October, 3pm CET.

In case the tenderers require additional information or clarifications, these should be addressed to, with a subject header in the following format: “Digital Marketing – Data Dashboard – Request for clarification, company name”

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