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Leadership Programme Consultancy Services

All EIT Food regions
Leuven - Hybrid
Deadline: 29 May 2024

EIT Food has been growing very fast in the last few years and has identified the need to up skill its leadership capabilities. We therefore want to roll out a Leadership Programme, with a roll out starting at the latest early Q4 2024 and running into 2025, for the leaders and the people managers in our organisation. This means that nearly 25% of the organisation will be covered in a way or another for an estimated total of 40 employees, including the Executive Management Team (EMT).

To deliver this leadership program to our organisation, we are seeking the expertise of a skilled consultant or company who can cover the activities of the preparation phase (analysis, design, implementation) and ideally accompany the identified groups through their journey.

EIT Food is in the process of defining what being a successful leader means in its entrepreneurial and institutional context. This means that what is the ideal leader is not yet defined, and the selected provider will need to demonstrate sufficient flexibility in the theoretical frameworks and approaches to articulate a multifaceted view on leadership, without imposing a particular model. It is likely that this will combine entrepreneurial, executive, managerial and non-hierarchical leadership, and which will vary for different role configurations.

The work to be tender are the preparation phase (1-7) and the support during the roll out (8 & 9):

  1. Proposing a project plan, taking into account the stages described below, that includes the Analysis, Design, Implementation, Rollout, Evaluation - Timeline and high-level Budget fork. The fees for the consultant work will be further detailed as part of the offer, but an estimated budget for the roll out phase (the modules to be purchased, 360°) should be part of the project plan.
  2. Definition of the ‘ideal profile’ of a leader at EIT Food. A core group at EIT Food has identified some key competencies for its entire staff, though it has not been finalised and rolled out yet. On top of this, the leadership community has had a chance to express which of the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect Competencies would be the ones needed for the leaders supporting the desired future of EIT Food. The inputs and approval of the EMT and the Supervisory Board – Nomination and Remuneration Committee will be required to finalise the exercise.
  3. Identification of the competencies to be developed as well as of any other skills or knowledge needed to perform as a successful leader at EIT Food or to be a good people manager.
  4. Proposing sub target groups based on the context and skills and competencies needed for the specific group/ categories.
  5. Drafting of a Leadership and People Manager Program proposing a journey adapted to each sub target groups and using varied learning approaches (assignment, online training or meetings, onsite sessions…) with estimated budget (and options)
  6. Identification of Vendors: Conducting market research and identifying potential vendors for the modules that will be part of these journeys and ensure that the procurement process is duly followed (the tenderers are not expected to be delivering the modules themselves, though this could be considered for a couple of modules as long as compliant with the procurement process).
  7. Anticipate the need to measure success of the program, and set up the necessary tools.
  8. Organise, with the help of internal resources, the roll out of these journeys.
  9. Follows the groups and participants throughout the journey (introducing sessions, identifying issues, etc. )

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