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Call for writers of Regenerative Agriculture Manual

The Regenerative Agriculture Manual is a guidebook aimed at helping farmers transition to regenerative agriculture. We are looking for a writer with experience in sustainable farming to write a new chapter on one of the crops detailed in this call.
EIT Food South
Deadline: 30 September 2021

About the Regenerative Agriculture Revolution

EIT Food has developed the Regenerative Agriculture Revolution to help farmers learn about and adopt more regenerative farming practices and raise awareness among consumers about the environmental and health benefits of sustainably produced food. To achieve these goals we have structured the program around three components:

Farmer training and advisory: We organize training courses on regenerative farms in Southern and Eastern Europe to teach farmers how to apply regenerative agriculture principles to their crops and specific ecosystems. The most promising farmers are then selected to participate in a advisory program where a regenerative agriculture expert specialized in their crop guides them during the 3-year transition process.

Monitoring ecosystem improvements. We are measuring over 20 parameters on the farms in our program in order to better understand the impact of regenerative farming practices on soil health, biodiversity and farmer income.

Consumer engagement. Through compelling research and powerful storytelling, we are raising awareness among consumers about the connection between soil health and human health

The Regenerative Agriculture Manual

The Regenerative Agriculture Manual is a practical, crop specific online guidebook aimed at helping farmers understand how to implement the principles of regenerative agriculture on their farms. While we expect the manual to be read by a diverse audience, it is primarily aimed at professional farmers with little or no knowledge about regenerative farming principles.

The purpose of this call is to hire a writer with an engaging writing style and familiarity with regenerative agriculture to expand on our existing manual. This year we are looking to add a chapter on one of the following crops which are common to the Mediterranean region: fruit trees ( citrus, top fruit or stone fruit), market vegetables, grape, grazing and livestock breeding or agroforestry.

The chapter will ideally cover the following topics as they relate to the crop:

Main crop varieties and different ecosystems where crop is grown in Southern Europe.

Different production methods, for example irrigated and non-irrigated, extensive vs intensive, etc.

Design and planning of a regenerative farm for those starting from scratch as well as those who begin the process with an operating conventional farm.

Regenerative farming practices as they relate to the crop: limited tillage, keeping the ground covered, reduction and eventual elimination of chemical inputs and diversification.

Main diseases suffered by the crop and how the farmer can address them based on an understanding of soil health the holistic perspective of regenerative agriculture.

Farm management. An overview of the costs, investments, revenue, cash flow and market considerations.

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