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Call for Training Program Organizer in Spain and Portugal

The Regenerative Agriculture Revolution of EIT Food is looking for a contractor who will help us to promote and coordinate our farmer training program in Spain and Portugal.
EIT Food South
Spain and Portugal
Deadline: 22 March 2022

As part of its mission to make food systems healthier and more sustainable, EIT Food has created the Regenerative Agriculture Revolution, one of whose main aims is to help European farmers learn about and implement more sustainable farming practices. The project focuses on three key areas:

1. Farmer training and support. We offer a comprehensive training program that helps farmers learn about and then apply the principles of regenerative agriculture on their farms.
The most promising farmers from the training sessions are welcomed to a 3-year regenerative agriculture transition program.

2. Monitoring ecosystem improvements. We are measuring a series of parameters on the farms in our program in order to help farmers understand the impact of regenerative farming practices on soil health, biodiversity and income.

3. Public engagement. Through compelling research and storytelling, we are explaining the environmental and health benefits of regenerative agriculture to the European public.

To build on the Regenerative Agriculture Revolution in Southern Europe we are looking for a person or organization to promote and coordinate our farmer-to-farmer training program in Spain and Portugal. The Training Programme Organizer will be expected to:

• Organize and deliver approximately 7 on-site regenerative agriculture training sessions in Spain and Portugal in coordination with the Project Manager and the team of trainers. This responsibility will include the following tasks:

o Promotion of training sessions through social media and own network of agriculture professionals

o Design training session curriculums and assignment of trainers (2 per course)

o Management of farmer application process

o Organization and delivery of 2,5 day training sessions

• Follow-up on post course activities such as collection of farmer competency evaluations, sending of opinion surveys to participants and responding to inquiries.

• Select the most promising farmers from the training sessions to participate in a 3-year advisory and support program. 

• Manage training events: plan and organize the logistics surrounding training sessions with 24 participants. Event services will include a venue for the 2,5-day training event, 3 meals and visit to showcase farm. 

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