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Call for Proposals - Growing Consciousness RIS Challenge

This project aims to revitalize agrifood chains in rural areas through sustainable innovation. This objective will be reached through a series of educational activities.
EIT Food South
Deadline: 21 June 2020

​About the Growing Consciousness RIS Challenge

The objective is to produce a set of activities (summer schools, focus groups, professional workshops, stakeholders and community meetings, business creation support), which will foster skills, techniques and know-how aimed at revitalizing the cultivation of ancient/almost vanished varieties of cereals, medicinal plants and aromatic herbs in rural areas across RIS countries in Southern and Eastern Europe in a sustainable way.

The activity aims at bringing knowledge about sustainable innovative farming techniques as well as on innovative tools and machinery for agriculture digitalisation and production yield increase, from EIT Food partners companies and RisingFoodStars to agrifood sector professionals in RIS countries in Southern and Eastern Europe in a sustainable way.

About the Call

The objective will be reached through a series of educational activities directed to fill the existing know-how gap (at technical, business and logistic level) between mainstream agricultural entrepreneurship, typical of large intensive production flatland areas, and rural areas agriculture characterized by fractionated small-cultivated areas, often in mid-mountains or hillside slopes, with niche production of local varieties.

The dissemination strategy will be made up of three consecutive phases:

  1. Awareness-oriented phase, to raise awareness within a qualified community\stakeholders about the project and its objectives.
  2. Exploitation-oriented phase, to start the exploitation in collaboration with local stakeholders and policy makers (this will include the development of a Summer school, workshops and ideas competition).
  3. Result-oriented phase, to promote the results of the project, in order to allow potentially interested parties to get to know the achievements and the related benefits of the project.

If you are interested to work with us on EIT Food Growing Consciousness RIS Challenge please send us a concise proposal before 21/06/2020 which outlines:

  • Your CV.
  • A draft plan proposal for the EIT Food Growing Consciousness RIS Challenge.
  • Your suitability for delivering the project. Include relevant past projects.
  • A detailed budget in euros (including all your costs).

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