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The results of the call for expressions of interest to carry out activities within “Empowering Women in Agrifood”  

29 April 2021 North-East, South, Bulgaria Eight organizations will collaborate with EIT Food in the implementation of EWA 2021 Edition

The results of the call for expressions of interest to carry out activities within “Empowering Women in Agrifood”  

It is a great pleasure for us to inform that our EIT Food CLC South and CLC North-East have selected organisations to perform activities within EWA “Empowering Women in Agrifood” project. The following organizations will be responsible for training and mentoring for 10 female entrepreneurs in 8 RIS countries:  


Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovations - Varna (RAPIV)

Non -governmental non-for-profit organization established in 2002 aiming to stimulate regional economy through the development of entrepreneurship and innovations. Its members include representatives of 4 types of organizations: central and local government, academic and scientific institutions, NGOs and businessеs as well as physical persons. RAPIV leads the Women in Business project.


Industry Disruptors-Game changers

Industry Disruptors – Game Changers (ID-GC) is the largest independent ecosystem builder in Greece, a grassroots non-for-profit organization promoting innovation and entrepreneurship with a focus on startups and extroversion. ID-GC’s strategy is focused on industry sectors that offer a competitive advantage, through the exploitation of the unique characteristics and the entrepreneurial potential in the region.

Among various activations in Greece, ID-GC operate an ICT incubator (Invent ICT), run 6 global talent discovery competitions, and curate Digital Greece, the innovation and startup pavilion in the Thessaloniki International Fair, with more than 280K visitors; between other initiatives.


Lithuanian Innovation Centre 

Non-profit organisation, since 1996 providing innovation support services to enterprises, research institutions, industry associations and business support organisations. LIC provides public (free of charge) innovation support services and promotes innovation culture in Lithuania. Each year LIC on average provides 5000 cases of services (consultations, trainings, research projects, technological missions) for more than 1000 clients (business enterprises and research institutions). 


Perspektywy Education Foundation

Non-profit national organization established June 1st, 1998 to promote and support education. The Board of Foundation consists of present and former rectors of Polish universities and other outstanding public figures interested in the development of higher education in Poland. Projects promoting participation of women in the STEM education is the main specialization of the Perspektywy Education Foundation ("Girls as Engineers” and “Girls go Science!” Campaigns, "Lean in STEM" program). The Foundation together with the global company Siemens conduct survey "Women’s potential for the technological industry. Choice of educational path, expectations, aspirations and market reality”. 


Building Global Innovators

BGI was born out of a partnership between MIT and the Portuguese Government to scout promising deep technologies all over Europe, accelerate them and scale them. Their work is creating a connected generation of builders, through capacitation, finance, and exclusive opportunities. 

 Since 2010, BGI has accelerated 149 startups, close to 300 million euros, one is a unicorn, 5 made exits, having impacted over 800 entrepreneurs from 76 countries. BGI is now considered TOP 20 Accelerator in Europe by Fundacity, and TOP 50 Accelerator worldwide by  BGI has straightened its focus on sustainability, namely in the Food and Agriculture industry. 


Impact Hub Bucharest

Launched back in 2012, Impact Hub Bucharest supports the development of entrepreneurial and innovative initiatives with positive impact through coworking spaces, growth and incubation programs, conferences and events and an online platform to digitize our support for entrepreneurs and make it available nationwide. Impact Hub Bucharest is part of the global Impact Hub network that has over 100 locations on 5 continents. Since 2021 it is performing as EIT Food Hub in Romania. 


Naked Innovations

Based in Barcelona, Naked Innovations comprises a diverse team of entrepreneurial consultants. Their mission is to connect agri-food ecosystems that enable more purpose driven, sustainable and consumer focused projects. A crucial ingredient of Naked Innovations is their global agri-food network of professionals and experts from startups, corporates, universities, researchers and other organisations.  They work with great people to fuse the most relevant elements of innovation methodologies in order to meet the needs of our clients and bring concepts to life. Their focus is on getting to the root of the challenge to drive impactful sustainable solutions and change. 


Impact Hub Istanbul

Impact Hub Istanbul (IHIST), with more than 200 community members, is a globally connected local ecosystem. With a deep understanding of the startup and social impact ecosystems and experience in sustainability projects, startup capacity building and corporate innovation programs, IHIST is a leading institution in social innovation in Turkey. IHIST’s community expands beyond its community members to numerous partnerships with local and international organizations. Their platform launched in 2017 named Foodback, is a new age agrifood innovation andentrepreneurship platform that is open to anyone who is trying to create a sustainable world through food and agriculture.  

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