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Seedbed Launches Roundabout Showcase Event

15 October 2020 North-West, France, Iceland Presenting Belfast's 2020 Seedbed Cohort at the EIT Food showcase event in November.

Seedbed Launches Roundabout Showcase Event

We are delighted to invite you to our EIT Food Seedbed Showcase event taking place online on 5th November 2020. Seven Seedbed startups from the United Kingdom, Ireland and France will showcase their innovative technological solutions which have the potential to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the food system.

There will also be an opportunity to learn more about the Seedbed Intrapreneur Track, which provides innovation training to SMEs and Corporates operating in the Agri-Food Sector. Come and meet the Danone teams who took part in this year’s programme and hear how they are developing solutions to tackle personalised nutrition and food waste!  You will also have the chance to hear form Damien Jourdan (Open Innovation Manager) on how Danone benefited from the programme and how you can get involved! 

Introducing our 2020 EIT Food Seedbed Belfast Cohort

We are delighted to present Queen's University Belfast's 2020 Seedbed Cohort below:

AgriFoodX Ltd.: Developing materials for biodegradable / compostable bio-based packaging solutions.  The team were recently successful in the Innovate UK SMART award competition.

AlgaCraft: Developing a novel, automated, high precision bioreactor that can accurately measure the optimal cultivation conditions for industrially relevant algal strains.

BioFeyn: Developing a targeted, modular, delivery mechanism (what we call a “Feyn”) for drugs and nutrients that can be adapted to meet the most critical needs in the industry.  They also recently just graduated from the prestigious IndieBio Accelerator.

Origin Chain: Origin Chain Networks provide proof-of-origin services to enterprise customers tailored to market needs.  Their founder Fiona is the recent winner of the CEN-CENELEC Standards and Innovation Awards 2020

PerOxiGen: Produce a powerful disinfectant from water called Ozone with applications in animal drinking water and fruit and vegetable washing. Recently announced as finalists in this year’s Agri T-Jam, a global competition run by Tesco and World Agri-Tech.

Plantik Biosciences: Plantik Biosciences aims to tailor the perfect plant for each industrial need, whilst cutting down the developmental time from years to months.  They have recently been selected among 9 European startups for the well-renowned StartLife Accelerator Programme.

SoluBlue: An innovative and patented seaweed-based packaging material that extends shelf-life, reduces food waste and is fully biodegradable. The SoluBlue team have recently been shortlisted for the 2020 Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge for its work in eliminating food and plastic waste.

Each member of the cohort will be presenting at the Seedbed Showcase Event in November. The agenda of the event can be found below:


09.45am: Welcome from Queen’s University Belfast – EIT Food Seedbed Delivery Partner for UK/Ireland/Iceland
09.50am: Introduction to EIT Food
09.55am: Introducing the Teams
10.00am: Team Presentations (Session 1) with AgriFoodX and AlgaCraft
10.40am: Coffee Break
10.50am: Team Presentations (Session 2) with BioFeyn, OriginChain and PerOxiGen
11.50am: Coffee Break
12.00pm: Team Presentations (Session 3) with Plantik Biosciences and SoluBlue
12.40pm: Wrap up Morning Session
1.00pm: Lunch
1.40pm: Introduction to the EIT Food Accelerator Network
1.50pm: Alumni Testimonial: Crover Tech
2.00pm: Seedbed Intrapreneurship Track with Danone
2.10pm: Danone Intrapreneurship Track Team Presentations
3.10pm: Wrap-up and Close of Options Roundabout
3.15pm: Online Networking and Drinks (Optional) Breakout Rooms open for Networking

Register for the event here!

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