How will new and innovative technologies influence the supermarket of the future?

16 May 2019 South, Italy How will we buy foods? What will supermarkets be like in 2025? Supermarkets are in the process of reinventing themselves. New technologies, ICT and social media are already affecting our consumption patterns and trends, and the outlook is for an increase in the upcoming years. These and other similar topics were discussed during the DISH High Level Summit on the 14th and 15th May in Bologna (Italy).

How will new and innovative technologies influence the supermarket of the future?

Begoña Pérez Villarreal, EIT Food South Director, participated on the 15th May in a round table titled “The Supermarket of the Future” with Yves Rey, Former Chairman Global Food Safety-Initiative – GFSI,  Vittorio Zambrini, from Granarolo, Gabriele Tubertini, COOP Italia, and Chinchih Chen, from the Oxford Martin School.

During this discussion, a special emphasis was given to how to improve the experience of the user while shopping, whether online or in the supermarket. Participants had the chance to debate about how supermarkets will be able to benefit from new technologies. As stated by Pérez Villarreal, “the future user will demand more “natural” and less ingredients and more sustainable products; and Foodtech can as well influence the way we consume and purchase, for instance, vending machines with personalised choices linked to nutritional apps”. Furthermore, other aspects such as the attention to less-waste supermarkets or how to facilitate consumers’ choices were also considered during this round table.

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