Foodback: Waste-free Kitchen Workshop in Istanbul

19 August 2019 South, Turkey, Regional Innovation Scheme Despite a growing awareness of food waste, only a few home cooks are eager to create a waste-free kitchen. Many of them just think it is difficult; others are just lost, but essentially, they lack the tools to change their habits.

Foodback: Waste-free Kitchen Workshop in Istanbul

EIT Food South, in partnership with the Impact Hub Turkey, organised on the 24th of July 2019, a workshop to reach those who cook at home and provide them with some examples and tips on how to get a waste-free kitchen. This event in Istanbul gathered around 20 people from different backgrounds, but with a high number of students and people working on sustainability solutions.

The main message to get across was crystal clear: "there is no need to go the extra mile, with some guidance and simple recipes, everyone can reduce significantly the waste generated in their kitchen". During the session, the chef Fırat Canik shared his own personal experience and Arda Örçen, Nanomik’s co-founder, explained the B2B side of fruit and vegetable logistics and their game-changing pesticide technology. Albeit no one can deny the fact that consumers are often unaware of the reality of the food industry, her talk was an eye-opener to help attendees make more conscious and sustainable choices when buying vegetables and fruits.

Furthermore, dishes made out of food waste, such as soup prepared with unused vegetable parts or green lentils with carrot greens, were also offered to the audience in order to demonstrate that using food waste and taste can go perfectly hand in hand. On the whole, this workshop was developed in a very dynamic way that encouraged participation and with a specific goal: passing on tips on how to easily create a free-waste kitchen.

Some tips on reducing kitchen waste

Certainly, sharing examples and some tricks on how to be more environmentally responsible in the kitchen was a key factor in the success of the event. Although changing our habits is not easy, you can start with these simple steps; do you dare?:

  • Drying vegetable peels to produce tasty vegetable powders,
  • Boiling unused vegetable parts to produce vegetable stock,
  • Composting,
  • Importance of buying local produce,
  • Plastic-free shopping

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