EIT Food’s partner Isabel Hoffmann, CEO of Tellspec, wins EU woman innovation award

EIT Food’s partner Isabel Hoffmann, CEO of Tellspec, wins EU woman innovation award

Leuven, 05 October 2018 – The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) rewarded Europe’s top innovators in the fields of energy, health and food. EIT Food’s partner Isabel Hoffmann, founder and CEO of Tellspec, won the EU woman innovation award for her work in the development of a rapid, portable and affordable sensor to test for the quality and decay of raw white fish, and the fraudulent use of excess water in frozen fish. The EIT Woman Award recognises outstanding women innovators and is awarded €20,000. Read the full press release here. 

Tellspec, a UK-based data company, is a member of EIT Food’s start-up community RisingFoodStars. EIT Food created the RisingFoodStars Association, to serve as an umbrella for high potential agri-food start-ups and scale-ups and support them with its expert network and programmes, technological infrastructure and business creation support, to significantly accelerate their international growth.

EIT Food’s CEO, Filip Fontaine, congratulated the winner and stated: “Winning this award is a recognition of the outstanding work done by Isabelle and her team in applying new technologies in the supply chain, to increase its transparency. This is a great contribution to the mission of EIT Food to transform the food supply system and increase consumer trust.”

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology played host to the EIT Awards ceremony last night, celebrating Europe’s most talented entrepreneurs and innovators during INNOVEIT, the EIT’s annual innovation forum. Isabel was competing as part of a group of thirty-nine candidates who have each been selected for driving European innovation through ground-breaking products, projects and services that tackle global challenges in the fields of climate, energy, digitalisation, food, health and raw materials.

Isabel has founded eight successful companies, in software and preventive medicine. Her purpose now is to help educate others about clean healthy food and to improve food safety for all. As CEO of Tellspec, combating fish fraud is part of her larger mission to create a world where food is clean and truly nutritional for everyone.