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EIT Food organises the first “Hungry Shepreneurs” workshop for women entrepreneurs

14 November 2019 South, Spain, News This workshop was held by EIT Food South on the 9th of November, in Vigo (Spain), with the aim of giving solutions to the challenges that women entrepreneurs in the agrifood sector have to face every day.  

EIT Food organises the first “Hungry Shepreneurs” workshop for women entrepreneurs

On the 9th of November, in Vigo, the first "Hungry Shepreneurs" workshop was held by EIT FOOD South with the aim of giving solutions to the challenges that women entrepreneurs in the agrifood sector have to face every day.  

Entrepreneurship is always challenging, but in the rural world, women are not having it easy. Only 28% of managers in farms are women. Southern Europe, in particular, is one of the regions with less innovation and less women in charge. Therefore, the objective of the first “Hungry Shepreneurs” workshop was to change this reality.  To do so, the workshop aimed to become a space to share knowledge, boost the entrepreneurial potential of women and bring together a group of women with common interests. Catalina Trujillo, creator of 24 zanahorias, Raquel Camarero, from Naturfera, and Náyade Bravo, part of the women entrepreneur network Mulleres Atlánticas and founder of Meraki ferments, were among other notable assistants. 

2019 | Hungry Shepreneurs | Vigo

During the workshop the participants had the opportunity to listen to different inspiring stories. Lara Rodríguez, EIT Food RIS Project Manager at EIT Food South, presented EIT Food, Catalina Trujillo, co-founder and CMO of SOUJI, shared the secrets of this start-up which transforms oil into soap in one minute and Beatriz Montabes, founder of Nola Estudio, talked about brand creation and storytelling and carried out a Design Thinking workshop.  

The event brought together the following industry experts who provided advise to the entrepreneur women on different topics: Andrea Valencia, creative and writing advisor, Arianna León, eCommerce sales consultant, Eleonora Majorana, branding and packaging specialists at Branding Little Brands, Isabel Méndez, copyright and intellectual property specialist lawyer, Marine Lescan du Plessix, Public Health Technician in Basque Government, Patricia Tablado, founder and director of Community Madre, Raquel Blanco Martí, lawyer at Banco Legal, Patricia Díaz, from Impact Hub Vigo, who participated as start-up fundig expert and Mercedes Groba, EIT Food Innovation Programme Manager. They also showed their support and commitment to the projects by offering free services, such as branding advise or sales audits. The involvement and effort of all of these women was the key factor for the success of the meeting and was very welcomed.  

Elvira Domingo, Innovation Programme Manager at EIT Food South, and Lara Rodríguez closed this workshop which provided the perfect space to discuss ideas and draw valid conclusions on the obstacles that women entrepreneurs have to overcome, in particular:  

  • The lack of resources and financing 
  • The need of support 
  • The importance of having consultants along the journey 
  • The need to have knowledge and experience on the field and to research the market and identify your customer