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Project Exhibition at the II Innovation Forum

07 October 2019 South, Spain 22 innovation, startup and communication projects were exhibited during the II Innovation Forum.

Project Exhibition at the II Innovation Forum

Experts from the agrifood sector, researchers and innovation agents gathered in Bilbao (Spain) on the 4th of October during the II EIT Food Innovation Forum to address the challenges faced by Europe. During this event, 22 innovation, startup and communication projects were exhibited with the participation of EIT Food partners. For this, four stands were installed, where the project managers themselves were responsible for explaining them, as well as conducting on-site demonstrations.


Aquaponics Iberia

Fish n' Greens ( addresses the main challenges of aquaponics, by developing a lower maintenance and higher productive technology to combine fish and greens farming, making fresh, healthy and sustainable food available to urban consumers.


  • SFL project: we can present the market place which we created that bridges health professionals with consumers
  • Health snap: we can show part of the mobile app prototype where users can personalise their snack from the tip of their mobile phone.

BioBee Technologies 

Our handheld device helps ham makers to increase their profit by reducing drastically down material waste and rejections. We also increase makers´ peace of mind in the quality of their hams ensuring customer satisfaction.

Brite drinks

Brite is a natural nootropic drink formulated to boost brain function of health conscious professionals. Based on neuroscience and made with superfoods, it's a more effective and nutritious alternative to coffee and energy drinks.


Crover aims to reduce grain loss by mapping conditions inside grain stores. Driven by the first ever technology for locomotion in bulk solids, Crover is a small robotic device that moves within cereal grains stored in bulk while scanning for local parameters such as temperature and moisture.

Hola Plate

The porcelain plate that helps you stay healthy eating the food you love. Thanks to the patented system with more than 1000 holes, Hola can retain the excess of fat and can save up to the 30% of the calories per plate.


The EcoGarden is a IoT-powered micro farm that allows you to grow fresh and organic food right on your kitchen counter, while being able to monitor and control the whole growing process from your phone. With over 400 micro farms around the world, we're building a global data hub and a network of connected urban farmers.

Nice To Eat You 

Nice To Eat You is a B2C marketplace that connects restaurants and food shops with final users. The goal is to give a second chance to all those units that haven’t been sold at the end of the day.


NOVAMEAT, known for unveiling the world’s first 3D printed plant-based beefsteak in 2018, develops cutting-edge technologies to produce the next generation of plant-meat products, which simultaneously mimic the texture, appearance, nutritional and sensorial properties of fibrous animal meats such as beefsteaks, chicken breast meat, and tuna steaks.


SmartFarming creates a knowledge platform in the form of a smartphone app which is providing best practices to small-scale farmers. At the same time, we are developing a valuable database. This database can be used for improving the current training offered by organisations, NGOs and farmer certifications and provide insights into quality and quantity of production for the industry in general.

Sonicat Systems

Sonicat Systems is focused on the development and commercialization of LIQUAM(R), a patented machinery based on High Power Ultrasound for honey processing to replace the non-respectful pasteurization. LIQUAM(R) liquifies honey while preserving the most important quality parameters of raw honey.


Vegshelf is Düsseldorf, Germany-based B2B marketplace for plant-based CPG food products that facilitates product discovery, sampling, sourcing and payments - all in one place for trade buyers and vegan food manufacturers. We are on the mission to make plant-based food products convenient and accessible one transaction at a time!

Communication Projects

Food Unfolded

FoodUnfolded is a global, digital platform that creates and shares its content on the latest food and agricultural innovations. We aim to connect with our audience through entertainment and education on the most relevant topics of today, including health, nutrition and sustainability.

Future Kitchen 

The Virtual Reality Future Kitchen is an EIT Food project coordinated by Matís, part of EIT Food CLC North-West, a food and biotech company and which is leading the production of infotaining VR videos published on FoodUnfolded. FoodUnfolded is a global, digital platform that creates and shares original content on the latest food and agricultural innovations. It aims to connect the general public through entertainment and education on the most relevant topics of today, including health, nutrition and sustainability.

Innovation Projects


The C-SNIPER project aims to reduce the prevalence of Campylobacter in poultry through an innovative, efficient and non-antibiotic based mitigation strategy that can be integrated into existing hygiene protocols. Specifically, this activity will develop a bacteriophage-based solution to be used as natural antimicrobial in the farm (pre-harvest), slaughter and/or processing facilities (post-harvest). This development will improve the safety of poultry meat, reducing thereby the incidence of poultry-borne food poisoning, without impacting on animal welfare.


The main scope of SHEALTHY project is to assess and develop an optimal combination of non-thermal sanitization, preservation and stabilization methods to improve the quality and the shelf life of fresh adn healthy food.


underPRESSURE project will scale-up a technological solution for producing “high” viscosity fat-based products addressing these consumer demands. Safe foods with lower fat content (fat reduction >30%) and reduced use of additives will be developed, maintaining or even improving their sensory characteristics and stability respect to full-fat conventional references. In order to assure a consumer driven project, consumers will be engaged from the creation to the validation of these food products, ensuring to meet their expectations.

Food Fortress 

This project aims at gaining consumer trust through improving the transparency of the supply chain using rapid-reactive and proactive risk management using a combination of technologies such as predictive analytics and multi-analytical tests.


The project will evolve existing nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology to foster the development of a testing service that distinguishes organic from conventional milk, at all supply chain  levels (farm, preproduction, retail), thus enhancing credibility of the dairy supply chain and consumer trust on the final product. The objectives will be achieved via farm and retail surveys across UK and Finland and the service will be calibrated for different countries, seasons, and supply chain levels. The service will include a protocol which can be adopted by milk recording authorities, food authentication laboratories, government bodies, and value-added companies which use organic milk as a key ingredient.

Low Energy Electron Beam (LEEB) 

The food sector is in urgent need of gentle microbial inactivation technologies without application of heat that (i) deliver the required safety, (ii) do not change the naturalness of the food, and (iii) are cost efficient and sustainable. This project will bring to the market a new food-safety technology, LEEB (Low-Energy Electron Beam) to tackle this unsolved public health threat. LEEB will deliver to consumers fresh, safe and high quality plant-based ingredients.

From Japan to West

Angulas Aguinaga is committed to the development of new and better solutions for their consumers, ensuring food security and nutritional balance, in products such as Krissia ®, fish protein that is an ally to take into account to maintain muscle mass and motor function in good condition This is already being recognized by prestigious entities such as the Healthy Food Foundation.

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