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The Future of Food: EIT Food’s Exhibition at Munich Airport

17 June 2021 Central, Germany, News EIT Food in cooperation with Munich Airport in an exhibition on the future of food: healthier, safer and more sustainable.

The Future of Food: EIT Food’s Exhibition at Munich Airport


For the first time, EIT Food, the largest food innovation network in Europe, in collaboration with the platform FoodUnfolded and Munich Airport launches an exhibition on the future of food. The exhibition, located in the public area of Terminal 2 at the main entrance, runs until the end of July. It has 16 different themed walls covering topics such as successful startups, latest innovations in the agrifood sector and EIT Food's education programmes, among others.

We are very happy to inform consumers about innovation in the food sector because a lot is happening on a national and European level. EIT Food brings people together to make our food system healthier and more sustainable. - Dr. Georg Schirrmacher, Director EIT Food Central

EIT Food is on a mission to make our food future-proof by building an integrative community where, above all, the consumer is actively involved. For this purpose, there are six focus areas: sustainable agriculture, circular food systems, alternative proteins, digital traceability, sustainable aquaculture and personal nutrition. The individual walls of the exhibition highlight EIT Food's activities all over Europe with the five co-location centres (EIT Food Central based in Freising, Bavaria, operates in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands). All walls have a QR code which visitors can scan to get more information in a quick and easy way.

The joint project "ACTinEITFood" in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is also presented at the exhibition. It is specifically oriented towards small and medium enterprises as well as innovative initiatives in the food sector and provides development and collaboration opportunities on a national level.

More information about ACTinEITFood.

EIT Food is paying particular attention to the start of the consumer platform "FoodUnfolded" in the German language. Already on the way to Terminal 2 the passengers are asked on giant posters whether they actually know how far their food or even just their coffee has travelled today?

FoodUnfolded sees itself as a completely independent information platform. But all of the articles and topics we cover are scientifically supported. We can be trusted! - Jane Liu, Editor-in-Chief

Browse the many articles on FoodUnfolded in German.


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