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Applications open for TeamUp: find the right co-founder for your agrifood startup

22 March 2021 North-East, South, Bulgaria Are you looking for a tech or business co-founder to help you build an impactful agrifood startup? Apply for TeamUp, find the right co-founder and receive training and funding from EIT Food. 

Applications open for TeamUp: find the right co-founder for your agrifood startup

What is TeamUp?

TeamUp is an EIT Food programme that matches leading technologists with top business professionals and supports them in building impactful agrifood ventures. TeamUp provides important tools and support to build your startup including expert guidance, world-class training, mentorship, networking and funding.

The programme is designed for:

  • People who have an impactful agrifood solution or technology but struggle to commercialise it
  • People who have the skills and experience to build a successful agrifood startup

Why join TeamUp?

  • Find the right business or tech co-founder: Meet diverse and experienced  professionals who can help you build and grow an impactful agrifood startup. Get guidance to select the right business or tech co-founder with the relevant skills, connections and expertise.
  • Build and grow an impactful startup: Together with your co-founder, develop, test and validate the business model of your startup during a 3-month exploration phase.
  • Get access to expert training and industry network: Receive business training and support from mentors and industry experts. Joining the EIT Food programme also means getting access to a network of top agrifood universities, corporates and successful startups.
  • Get funding: Each new team will be supported with a €2,000 monthly stipend (per team) during a 3-month exploration phase. At the end of the program, all teams will get a chance to compete for further funding from EIT Food.
  • Benefit from personalised coaching: Get a psychometric analysis of your profile, strengths and opportunities, values, behavioural preferences, teamwork style, soft skills and co-founder preferences.

How to apply

TeamUp is open for the applicants who are citizens/residents of the following RIS (Regional Innovation Scheme) countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro*, North Macedonia*, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia,
Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine*.

More information about the programme as well as the application form can be found on the programme webpage. Applications for TeamUp are accepted before April 18, 23:59 CET.

*Applicants from these countries will be considered eligible as RIS applicants only if the country of origin of the applicant signs the Association Agreement for Horizon Europe before the end of the application deadline of April 18, 2021.

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