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A Shared Mission to Transform the Nordic Food System

20 July 2020 North-East, Denmark, Finland Research and innovation agencies from the Nordics and EU have joined forces with EAT and the Nordic Food Policy Lab to co-create a first-of-its-kind shared mission on food systems transformation, demonstrating the role of public agencies in orchestrating the research, innovation and public participation necessary to accelerate a shift towards a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous society for all.

A Shared Mission to Transform the Nordic Food System

By pooling existing knowledge and testing new approaches to mission design, this collaboration will produce practical guidance on how to set up shared missions using methods that are adaptable to different country contexts, with food system transformation in the Nordics as the pilot case. Key insights from this work will feed into relevant EU, Nordic and national policy processes, to help set direction and purpose of sustainable transformation efforts both within and beyond the Nordics. 

First-ever regional mission collaboration

In 2021 we hope to collaboratively resource and implement the first shared mission to transform the Nordic food system, and to bring our shared learnings to the forthcoming UN Summit on Inclusive and Sustainable Food Systems. To achieve this aim, we aim to deliver four outputs in 2020:

  • Mission Proposal: provide a detailed recommendation on how a shared mission on food systems transformation can be launched in the Nordic region;
  • Policy input: coordinate and align agency input into EU, Nordic and national policy processes on missions for sustainability;
  • Pilot: test how a shared mission can be operationalized across countries, focusing on unlocking synergies across place-based demonstrators in at least two Nordic countries;
  • Systems Innovation Cookbook: publish a practical guide on how to design, implement and evaluate innovation-led missions, with food system transformation as the pilot case.

A Shared Mission to Transform Our Food System also answers to the recently released EU Farm to Fork strategy which is highlighted as a key pillar of the EU Green Deal and Green Recovery plan. With its focus on protecting ecosystems, making food systems more sustainable and ensuring a just transition for farmers the Farm to Fork Strategy presents a long-term vision for European food systems who should:

  • Have a neutral or positive environmental impact
  • Help to mitigate climate change and adapt to its impacts
  • Reverse the loss of biodiversity
  • Ensure food security, nutrition and public health, making sure that everyone has access to sufficient, safe, nutritious, sustainable food
  • Preserve affordability of food while generating fairer economic returns, fostering competitiveness of the EU supply sector and promoting fair trade

Who is collaborating on the Shared Mission to Transform the Nordic Food System?

The following organizations are actively contributing to this work, in alphabetical order:

  • Design and Architecture Norway
  • Danish Design Council
  • EAT Foundation
  • EIT Climate-KIC
  • EIT Food
  • Formas
  • Innovation Norway
  • Nordic Food Policy Lab
  • Nordic Innovation
  • Matis
  • Research Council Norway
  • Sitra
  • Stockholm Resilience Center
  • Vinnova

We encourage additional public research, innovation and design agencies to join. Please get in touch to learn more:

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