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“I have been able to gain further knowledge and experience on my professional field”, RIS Fellow at IMDEA

23 March 2020 Headquarters, South, Spain RIS Fellowships is dedicated to MSc students, graduates and young entrepreneurs from EIT RIS countries. They will have the opportunity to apply academic knowledge in practical context of work to spur a weave of entrepreneurial innovations in their home countries. Viviana Loria, fellow, and Hilal Topal, mentor, tell us about their experience with this Programme.

“I have been able to gain further knowledge and experience on my professional field”, RIS Fellow at IMDEA

Fellow: Viviana Loria

What encouraged you to apply for this internship?

Before applying, I had been following EIT Food projects for a while and I already knew EIT Food. Also, I was looking for an abroad programme related to my studies. When I saw this fellowship programme had started the application process, I felt that I wanted to take part on it.

What has this experience meant to you?

I have been able to learn more about the work areas and environment of nutritionists in Spain and I have gained further knowledge and experience on my professional field. Also, I had the chance to get to know a new culture, a new language (Spanish) and a new lifestyle in a new city. 

What would you highlight about this experience? What is the main advantage of doing an internship abroad?

I am interested in nutrigenetics and that was the main reason why I chose IMDEA. From this internship I would highlight the opportunity to gain more knowledge on the specific area in which I would like to build my career as a nutritionist, as I had the chance to be in a nutrigenetic institute in the GENYAL platform with other nutritionists. 

What are your plans after finishing the internship? 

After my internship, my next goal is developing my career in Europe. For the next year, I am planning to apply for a Master programme. And I would like to attend another internship programme or start working in Europe to gain more experience. 

Would you recommend this internship? Why?

I would certainly recommend this fellowship programme, it gives young professionals the chance to learn more about their area, observing different areas with hands-on experience and it can help them take realistic decisions for their future career.

Mentor: Hilal Topal

In which aspects can IMDEA contribute to the Fellows-Talent professional progress?

The GENYAL Platform (Platform for Clinical Trials in Nutrition and Health) was founded in 2011 and is promoted and managed by the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Food (IMDEA-Food). It constitutes a high-throughput genomic tool with high scientific level useful to investigate how individual human genomes interact with diet constituents and these in turn with the genome. The results of the research provides information about the benefits and harms of specific nutrients and food ingredients on the human health. The application includes both basic and applied research related to gene-diet interactions at the two fields, Nutrigenetic and Nutrigenomic. This Platform has its own ethics committee as well as its own clinical trials, biostatistics and bio-informatics, nutritional genomics and training units. All this increases the capacity to provide advanced scientific services in the food-health area. In addition, GENYAL performs functions of specialized training and provide support in the transfer of results, dissemination, communication and outreach.  

Thus, our fellows can learn firstly about their fellowship area, but they also have the chance to learn about laboratory, gain more knowledge about all the studies run in IMDEA by attending to our internal seminars, to meet and ask their questions to other platforms in IMDEA, for example. 

What has a person from another country, with a new, fresh approach, brought to IMDEA? 

She brought to us a different point of view. We were able to experience how different or similar our proficiency area studies run. We also learnt more about each other, got to know a different culture, habits and lifestyle. 

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