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5 finalists for the RIS Food Solutions 2019

06 August 2019 South, Turkey, News EIT Food RIS Solutions is aimed at engaging student groups with multi-disciplinary backgrounds, from RIS countries and of all educational levels, to work jointly on problem cases responding to agrifood challenges in RIS countries.

5 finalists for the RIS Food Solutions 2019

The following 5 teams haven been selected to participate in the 3-month mentoring programme, "RIS Solutions":

  • Foodie4 – Ukraine
  • Algdeha – Turkey
  • VIPill – Slovakia
  • EPAFood – Poland
  • Pasta Power – Poland

The purpose of this project is to sharpen students' entrepreneurial skills and draw them into solving industrial problems identified by partners.

Acknowledged experts will be responsible for coaching, advising and mentoring activities for every team during a period of three months. Besides, these mentors can also offer access to their facilities and/or laboratories to help students prepare their innovation solutions in exceptional circumstances. 

These teams will take part in three webinars:

  • Webinar 1: All you should know about “Intellectual property rights”
  • Webinar 2: “How to write a business plan?”
  • Webinar 3: “How to pitch?”

After the consultation process, teams will be asked to send a power point presentation summarising and defending their developed solution. On the 29th of October, the jury will announce the best teams, which will gain an invitation for Foodhatons.

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