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PERSONALIZED and connected FOOD service providers (PERSFO)

PERSONALIZED and connected FOOD service providers (PERSFO)

European consumers are ever more aware that eating healthy is important (IRI, 2017), meanwhile obesity is still increasingly prevalent in almost all countries. 

The worldwide prevalence of obesity has tripled between 1975-2016 (WHO). We conclude that awareness and intentions do not always lead to corresponding behaviour. More consumers need to adopt a healthy eating pattern. This project aims to bring the outcomes of recent Personalized Nutrition Sciences towards the consumers.

Our unique multidisciplinary approach encompasses:

  • Reaching the consumer by Connecting Food Service Providers end-to-end to the consumer: Sodexo’s potential to influence the eating habits of 75 million people daily & Alberts’ personalized robotics food solutions.
  • A transparent recommendation system that provides access to personalized food advice and diagnostic tools.

As such we want to lower the barriers of adopting a healthy eating pattern, and bridge the existing gap between intentions and actual behaviour. Via an intervention study in the field, we will test acceptance and engagement of consumers. This will lead to insights on personalized nutrition advice in practice, and how connected food service providers can facilitate. The platform will be modular to opt-in different stakeholders to enable gradual growth. We will focus on business model creation and growth and will position Europe at the forefront of connected personalized food advice and offerings for consumers at work.


The following partners are involved in the project


Project Lead

Paul Finglas


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