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What we do

Our goal is to redesign the way we produce, deliver, consume and recycle our food.

EIT Food Co-Location Centre North-East was established in Warsaw in 2017. Together with our partners from Denmark, Finland and Poland we work towards making the food system more resource-efficient, secure, transparent and trusted. Our goal is to boost the skills and entrepreneurial spirit in agri-food sector in order to deliver a healthier lifestyle for all European citizens. 

CLC North-East coordinates implementation of RIS activities in Central and Eastern Europe.

EIT Food North-East

Our Team

Marja-Liisa Meurice Director EIT Food CLC North-East Marja-Liisa Meurice
Adam Strzelecki Project Manager /cross KIC activities Adam Strzelecki
Justyna Kulawik-Dutkowska Project Manager Justyna Kulawik-Dutkowska
Milda Krauzlis Project Manager / RIS Community Manager Milda Krauzlis
Adriana Bałazy RIS Business Development Manager Adriana Bałazy
Aleksandra Niżyńska RIS Communication Manager Aleksandra Niżyńska
Monika Linkowska Event Manager Monika Linkowska
Yulia Bodnar RIS Junior Project Manager Yulia Bodnar
Małgorzata Młynarska Social Media and Communication Intern Małgorzata Młynarska
Jolanta Krzywiec Project Manager Jolanta Krzywiec
Ewa Rzeszowska Interim Project Manager Ewa Rzeszowska



Meet the winners of the RIS Innovation Prizes competition News

Meet the winners of the RIS Innovation Prizes competition

29 Oct 2019 EIT Food presents early-stage agrifood startups from Easter and Southern Europe that won the Innovation Prizes competition
Results of ‘EIT Food Startup Awareness Event in Bulgaria and Serbia’ selection process News

Results of ‘EIT Food Startup Awareness Event in Bulgaria and Serbia’ selection process

18 Oct 2019 EIT Food has the pleasure to inform that two institutions have been selected to organise the EIT Food Startup Awareness Event in Bulgaria and Serbia
EIT Food at Researchers’ Night in Poland EIT Food Projects

EIT Food at Researchers’ Night in Poland

09 Oct 2019 ‘Cosmic’ food, superheroes on a plate, food science, chemical mishmash in the kitchen, flower slow food, and youth potions from antioxidants
Doubled number of interns in the 2nd edition of the EIT Food RIS Fellowships News

Doubled number of interns in the 2nd edition of the EIT Food RIS Fellowships

20 Sep 2019 We are more than proud to announce that this year, 50 students from 28 RIS countries have attended their internship projects
Food startup ideas to save the world News

Food startup ideas to save the world

12 Sep 2019 A well-recognised entrepreneur competition rewarded winning sustainable ideas at the yearly Food Festival in Aarhus
RIS Fellowships Workshop in Poland

RIS Fellowships Workshop in Poland

17 Apr 2019 On the 14th May, University of Warsaw and EIT Food CLC North-East will organize a Workshop for students in Warsaw


EIT Food


What we do

Our team is responsible for driving innovation in the food sector in the regions of the UK, Ireland and Iceland.

We work closely with a unique network of partners including key industry players, agrifood startups, research centres and universities from our regions. Together, and as part of the wider EIT Food Community, we are all working together to deliver an innovative and entrepreneurial food sector.

In our region, our goal is to support the food sector to produce healthy and sustainable food, trusted by society. We will achieve this goal by:

  • Creating and scaling-up the most impactful regional agrifood startups to deliver new food innovations and businesses
  • Developing local talents and leaders to transform our food system
  • Working with our regional partners to launch new innovative products and ingredients to deliver healthier and more sustainable food
  • Engaging the public at both a local and regional level so that they can become the agents of change in our food system
EIT Food North-West

Our Team

Andrew Carlin Director Andrew Carlin
Lukxmi Balathasan Programme Manager Business Creation Lukxmi Balathasan
Vivien Bodereau Programme Manager Education Vivien Bodereau
Mercedes Groba Programme Manager Innovation Mercedes Groba
Matt Eastland Content Writer / Relationship Manager Matt Eastland
Laura Elphick Communications and Events Assistant Laura Elphick



EIT Food Central

EIT Food

Welkom! Welcome! Willkommen!

What we do

Catalysing Food Innovation in the Heart of Europe.

Our regional office based in Bavaria, Germany operates as an innovation hub for our partners from Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. We offer opportunities to arrange events, meetings, seminars, and outreach activities and take a leading role in the regional development of the Food sector.

We are your Partner in Co-Creating the Future of Healthy Food.

EIT Food Central