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How to become an Entrepreneur

How to become an Entrepreneur

How to build a thriving startup (and not burnout on the journey)

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The EIT Food Startup Manual “Better businesses for a better food system” dives into what every food entrepreneur wished they’d known before starting out.

It is filled with invaluable lessons on how to build an agrifood company that can transform the food system in a scalable and sustainable way. 

Only those who have already embarked on the journey can really guide others which is why this book is written by other agrifood entrepreneurs – learn from their experience, successes and failures. 

Written by: Ilana Taub, Michael Minch-Dixon & Joseph Gridley

Keep everything in balance!
Take better care of your capital!
Train yourself!

Chapters include: 

  • What you need to know before starting an agrifood business
  • Market research & getting your idea in front of customers quickly
  • How to write a business plan
  • Protecting your intellectual property
  • Funding & investment
  • Creating a marketing strategy on a shoestring budget
  • Building a team
  • Taking care of yourself

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