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First WeValueFood conference: Increasing engagement with next generation consumers

Tue, December 3, 2019
Warsaw, Poland

With society facing major problems in terms of obesity, food waste and the environment, the need for next generation consumers to make improved food choices has never been more important. Unfortunately, we are also facing decreasing levels of engagement and knowledge about our food, particularly among the younger generation. It is difficult to encourage the next generation to make improved dietary and purchasing decisions if their engagement and comprehension of food is poor.

The conference will showcase the latest research and thinking on how to better engage next generation consumers on food values. Novel tools and strategies will be presented by a range of international speakers from research, education and industry sectors. We will also provide opportunities for early stage researches to present their achievements.

The following key themes will be explored: 

  • The latest research on food engagement
  • Successful tools and strategies from around the world
  • The role of social media
  •  Practical demonstrations
  • How industry can learn to communicate with next generation consumers’

The conference will include interactive workshops on creating food engagement and technological experiences such as Virtual Reality (VR). 


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